ICC Saga: Kenyatta Blasts ‘Prophets of Doom’

President Museveni, pills who concluded a 4-day official to the United Arab Emirates earlier Wednesday, diagnosis is now in Nairobi, decease Kenya.

Museveni is attending Summit of Heads of State of East Africa Region on the Northern Corridor Integration projects.

The one day Summit takes place in the Kenyan capital on Thursday.

The Northern corridor that centres on transport issues is intended to link the land locked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi to Kenya’s Indian Ocean Port of Mombasa.

The corridor arrangements also serve the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and northern Tanzania.

President Museveni was received on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport this evening by Senator Charles Keter and the Commander of Kenya Air Force, Gen. Thuita.

Others at the airport to receive the President included State Minister for International Affairs, Mr. Okello Oryem and Uganda’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Ms. Angelina Wapakhabulo.

In October, Presidents Paul Kagame, Museveni and Salva Kiir launched the standard gauge railway t a function held in Kampala.


Officials say the developments signify the determination and willingness of East African leaders to carry out the projects that will impact the growth of their economies and contribute to improved welfare of the people.

Uganda State Minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem says the meeting comes at a time when the people of Northern Corridor Group of countries have tested significant achievements in a number of sectors being fast-tracked since June 2013 such as free movement of people using national identity cards as travel documents; use of electronic cargo tracking that has ensured safety of cargo in transit and reduction of Non Tariff Barriers that have facilitated ease of movement of cargo.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto today said those predicting rifts in the Jubilee coalition because of the outcome of the President’s ICC case are misled.

President Kenyatta said the ‘prophets of doom’ who are predicting that the coalition will be divided because of the termination of his case are completely wrong.

He said those touting such theories were idle people and as the saying goes ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

The President said the Jubilee coalition was established to unite Kenyans and promote peace.

The Deputy President said the coalition was not formed for selfish reasons and will continue serving Kenyans.

“ICC was never part of our manifesto. Our reasons for coming together were to unite Kenyans and that reason remains, viagra 40mg ” he said.

The two leaders, treat who spoke in Embu County, said they will remain united as before despite predictions by naysayers that the termination of the President’s case, with the one against the DP proceeding, will create friction in the coalition.

Kenyatta was recently cleared by the ICC on crimes against humanity, with prosecution saying they clacked evidence to implicate the head of state.

Speaking on the termination of his case, President Uhuru said he was relieved a load had been lifted from his shoulders but the journey was not over for him.

“There is nothing to celebrate until the case against my friend and my deputy is dismissed,” said the President who spoke at the ACK Church in Embu Town on Wednesday.

The President called on Kenyans to continue praying for the DP, who together with journalist Joshua Sang, still faces allegations at The Hague.

“From the beginning we said we were innocent. Even though I thank God that the case against me is over, the journey is not over until the case against the Deputy President is over,” he said.

The Deputy President said the case against the President collapsed because he was innocent and not because of lack of witnesses or lack of cooperation by the Kenya Government as alleged.

He said the Jubilee coalition will remain united and will not be distracted by those spreading fear that it will be divided because of the outcome of the President’s case.

“We did not establish Jubilee so that we get power, we established it to unite Kenyans,” he said.

The Deputy President quoted the book of Mathews which says, “Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be called the children of God”.

Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said the theories that the Jubilee coalition will be destabilised by an imagined fallout between TNA and URP over the ICC cases was the newest of a string of theories fronted by ‘prophets of doom’.

The first time they said there was no way Central and Rift Valley will form a political union, then they said there was no way President Uhuru and Deputy President will run or win elections because they were facing ICC cases and after the elections they said the coalition will not survive for long, he said.

“All those prophecies failed and now they are claiming that the outcome of the President’s case will cause a division in the coalition. We will pass this one also just like the previous ones,” he said.

Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire, Embu Governor Eliud Wambora, Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti and other leaders who spoke at two Church functions the President attended said they will continue supporting and praying for the Deputy President as he battles the allegations facing him at the ICC.

“We in Mount Kenya region say that we will not celebrate now, we will hold on and celebrate when the Deputy President’s case is over,” she said.

Other leaders who spoke included the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi,Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa

President Kenyatta first attended the Jubilee celebrations of St Paul’s Kevote Parish on the outskirts of Embu town. The celebrations were presided over by His Emminence John Cardinal Njue.

The President then joined the Deputy President at ACK Church in Embu town where Reverend Canon David Muriithi was concentrated as the new Bishop of Embu. The concentration ceremony was presided over by Archbishop Eliud Wabukhala.

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