Ibanda Parents Cautioned on Syrups

The Ibanda district health officer Dr Julius Bamwine has cautioned parents in the district on the improper use of syrups; which he says are a major contributor to dental illnesses especially in young children.

Dr Bamwine says he has been receiving a lot of complaints from parents about their children suffering too often  from tooth aches.

He says most of the parents believed that this was this was being caused by some of the medicine they got from government hospitals.

Bamwiine says when he interacted further with the parents; he found out that they were giving their children a lot of syrup which contains too much sugar.

Various types of syrups are considered by experts together with sweet fruits and natural sweeteners like honey among the major contributors to tooth decay in children.

These, decease experts say, look cause calcium to be pulled from the bones and teeth.

The Ibanda DHO urged parents to ensure to clean their children’s’ mouths thoroughly after giving them syrups.


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