Ibanda Bans Street Display of Coffins

The authorities of Bufunda Division in Ibanda Municipality have banned the display of coffins along the municipality roads.

The directive was contained in the state of division address by the LC3 Chairperson Keimustya Benon yesterday.

Keimustya revealed that his executive had passed the resolution of banning the display of coffins for the safety of road users.

He says the council found that the display of coffins on the road causes a lot of anxiety among the drivers and pedestrians.

Councillors approved the resolution saying the move will also beautify the area.

As a result, cheap Bufunda division council directed the technical staff to impound the coffins and arrest the sellers that don’t adhere to the new directive.

They said that traders dealing in coffins should confine themselves in their show rooms.

The directive also bans mobile money kiosks from operating along the streets but inside shops for safety reasons.

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