I won’t Stop Videos for my Husband—Angela Kalule

If you thought singer Angela Kalule will never record a private video for her husband again, you’re wrong.

While appearing on Capital FM’s Big Breakfast show, the Katikitiki singer revealed that   she won’t stop recording videos for her lover.

“I will continue communicating with my husband in that manner, I will continue doing that,” she said.

On whether the video was leaked intentionally, the singer says, “You cannot come out of the blue to perform such a stunt, well knowing that it will humiliate you, and you children will get to see it.”

When asked how she learnt about the leaked video, Kalule says, “On Saturday, I had gone to visit a friend’s band, Sara Zawie.”

“So someone sends me a text and he’s like I’ve watched this video and it’s terrible. And she forwards the video to me; I was like [gasping] Oh my God, Oh my God,” she said.

Kalule, whose private video leaked over the weekend seems ready to hijack the ‘opportunity’ for a greater good in her life.

The video, I case you missed it, featured the singer in her private moments as she communicated with her lover on the other end.

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