I Withdrew to Protect My Supporters, Public from Chaos – Muntu Speaks Out on Foiled Kamwenge Rally

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Gregory Muntu has finally opened up on why the police foiled his Kamwenge campaign rally and the reason why he chose to “peacefully withdraw.”

Since the commencement of the campaigns on November 9, Muntu and President Museveni have been known to be the most peaceful candidates, abiding by the set guidelines for conducting campaigns, however, it wasn’t business as usual today in Kamwenge where Police foiled his rally.

His policy, as he has been and continues to preach, is using non-violent and radical means of changing the country leadership as opposed to ‘defiance’ that is always applied by his fellow opposition presidential candidates.

In a statement that he released shortly after the blockade, Muntu admitted that it was their foul for trying to change the campaign venue, after the heavy rains destroyed the initial one.

“As we have done since the start of the campaign season, we headed out to speak with the people in the venue we had earlier in a week before agreed upon with the security agencies. No one anticipated that it would rain as much as it did, making it impossible for us or people to access,” he noted.

“After identifying an alternative place only 100 meters away from the original venue, negotiating with the owner and communicating the same to the public, we headed to the second venue only to be stopped by police,” he added.

He noted that since ANT’s policy is to be reasonable even during unreasonable actions on the side of the state, they engaged police leadership in a civilized, respectable manner with an intention of denying police any chance for injuring his supporters or the general public including himself (Muntu).

Muntu’s campaign meeting was foiled over change of venue.

“They not only intended to frustrate us, but also cause us to act in the ways that would give them an excuse to cause chaos. This was on top of their intimidating the radio we had booked and duly paid to appear on,” he said.


“While we are confident that we are on the right side of both law and reason, we have chosen not to endanger the lives of our supporters or the general public by escalating the situation,” he added.

Muntu vowed that his ANT will do everything humanly possible to avoid a single life being lost or blood being shed on account of his campaign.

He truth remains, the regime’s days are numbered,” he said.

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