I Will Vote for Museveni Until 2040 – Mayinja

A few hours after musician Ronald Mayinja released a campaign song praising President Museveni for the good things he has done for the nation a move that has since earned him attacks from various individuals on social media, he has come out to give reasons behind the pro-Museveni gesture.

He pointed out that Museveni has done a lot of good things for Uganda and this is the reason why he has decided to vote for him in the coming elections until 2040 in case he stands again.

“He is the only man who can lead Uganda to prosperity and transform the lives of the citizens, not these hooligans and ‘ganja people’ who have no knowledge about leadership. NUP just makes noise and kills innocent people. They are actually more dangerous than Museveni,” Mayinja said.

Mayinja added that such people don’t deserve any leadership position in Uganda because they are so confused that they can’t manage the affairs of this country.

“They are very harsh and intolerant. Don’t vote for them. We need our country under good people. Museveni is the answer to Uganda’s problems,” he added.

Mayinja’s decision has met mixed reactions from Ugandan politicians and individuals with some saying it’s his right to decide which side to support while others argue that he has a right to perform for whoever pays him since he is a musician.

Similarly, a section of other Ugandans are accusing Mayinja of “betraying the struggle.”


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