I Will Never Invite UN Peacekeepers in Uganda – Museveni

KAMPALA: President Museveni has said his government will never invite UN peace keepers to fight in the country as it would be a vote of no confidence in Uganda’s self-defence capability.

He insisted that the UN peacekeepers are in DR Congo because the country has failed to maintain stability.

“Those conflicts [in DR Congo] are centred on a number of problems. One of the problems is conflicts of identity, tribalism and religious sectarianism-like the conflict between Lendu and the Hema,” Mr Museveni said.

“You have a country, which does not have an Army, which depends on UN. For me to invite the UN into Uganda would be a vote of no-confidence in ourselves. Why can we not guarantee our own stability? We would never invite the UN to come and fight our wars. If there is no fighting to be done, we fight ourselves because we are here,” he said.

The President said he was shocked to hear that UN peace-keepers from a little-known country like Uruguay had died while fighting rebels in the DR Congo.

The President made the remarks while launching an app for Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) at State House Entebbe, which was attended by the former Zanzibar President Abeid Karume.

The Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) aims at building consensus on response towards pressing regional and international challenges.

The summit in Kampala, that is set to convene between August 1 and 3 at Speke Resort Munyoyo, will discuss the conflicts in DR Congo that have led to refugees fleeing into Uganda.


Mr Museveni said sectarianism and the collapse of the state structure has destroyed DRC.


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