I Will Campaign for Candidates Of Other Parties Who Support My Plan B – Besigye

Top opposition leader Kizza Besigye has said he is ready to campaign for candidates for other political parties as long as their message rhyme with his Plan B.

Appearing on NBS Morning Breeze show Monday, November 9, 2020, Dr Besigye said it is not obvious that he will campaign for the candidates of his party, FDC, ahead of 2021 elections.

“I am very clear about the elections. I am not just going to campaign for you because you are saying you are FDC. No. I am going to campaign for you if your message in the election is for liberation. If you are building the conscience of the population to fight for their freedom and their power. If you on a liberation mission, you are my candidate,” he said.

Referring to his Plan B as the liberation struggle, Dr Besigye said that the country urgently needs to focus on what he called worrying issues outside elections. “We are focusing on the wrong things, while they are doing different things, that is why I get mad at Ugandans,” he said.

The four-time presidential candidate also accused President Museveni of wanting to unite East Africa by force.

“Yes he is going to unite it, by force,” Besigye said.

“He wants to take over the whole region. Why would Ugandans be paying for money to make roads in Congo,” he charged.” We owe Congo $23 billion. We have budgeted to make roads in Congo, do you know why?”

“We are engaged in and elections Katemba, while they are doing different things,” he said


Dr Besigye also questioned the huge supplementary and classified budgets for the Ministry of Defence and State House.

According to his information from the past year, sh685 billion was the classified budget for State House, and up to $3 million has gone to the defence ministry, which he said, shows the country’s priorities are wrong.  “We are going to into war. We are going into war… you will find out” he charged.

He said that while the Housing and urban development budget for the country is sh260 billion, and sh830 billion in ministry of agriculture for the entire country, State House alone got sh200 billion for donations, plus sh685 billion in a classified budget.

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