I Will Accept Election Results If I Lose – Museveni Tells CNN

President Yoweri Museveni has promised to peaceably walk away from State House if he loses fairly in tomorrow’s presidential election.

Museveni said he would be happy to leave office and focus on his private life if Ugandans rejected him in the election.

“If I lost a fair election, I would accept the result of course because Uganda is not my house,” President Museveni told CNN’s Christian Amanpour in an interview.

“I have got my house, I will go to my house and do my own things if the people of Uganda don’t want me to help them with their issues. I will go deal with my personal issues very happily.”

However, Museveni, who is seeking his sixth term in office said in the interview that there was nothing wrong with staying for long in power.

He added that while in the past he famously identified Africa’s biggest problem as leaders staying long in office, he only meant those who stick around against democratic rules.

“I said the problem was staying in power for long without democracy; if it is the democratic will of the people… because we have got so many things to deal with, we need all hands on board… there is nothing wrong with that.

Regarding accusations of harassing and imprisoning his opponents, Museveni said only those that broke the law found themselves in fights with security.


Opponents such as Bobi Wine, he said, had defied the set Covid19 rules and “tried to blackmail the country by rioting.”

The president also sounded confident about support from the youths in Uganda, most of whom have only known him as President.

“I am the one who enabled that 80% (youths) to survive childhood diseases. We have given them education and a base for the economy and we have a good budget; we can support them,” he said.


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