I Want My Party Back: NUP Founder Turns Against Bobi Wine

Moses Kibalama the man who founded the National Unity Platform (NUP) is moving to undo the deal which saw the party sold to Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) two months ago.

Kiabalama last night described the sale of his party to Bobi Wine, as “a bad deal that we should not have gone in.”

The party, known originally as the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party was taken over by Bobi Wine back in July with hope to provide a platform through which he would contest for President next year, as well as supporters of his People Power Movement seeking to run for other political posts.

During the take-over, Mr Kibalama told press that all the paper work had been handled and that there was no legal issue to hold back the deal.

However, Kibalama together with the former party administrators now say they want their Memorandum of Understanding with People Power officially terminated and for the NUP party to be handed back to them.

Kibalama accuses Bobi Wine and his group of failing to honour their part of the bargain.

He claims Bobi Wine and People Power had promised to pay them a lump sum of $5million in exchange for the party, which promise has not been kept to this date.

“I think, along the way you realize that you made a mistake and sometimes you want to rectify it. When they gave us those very good promises. We chose to take them on hoping for those good offers to come our way,” Kibalama said.


“We had an expectation of 5million dollars; that when their sponsors finally bring that money that these people would give that our money,” he said.

Mr Kibalama however, claims that the $5million price was “not documented” in the sale agreement.

“We just had a mutual understanding that this money would be passed over to us.”

Kibalama also says in the agreement, the old NUP administration had been “promised powerful positions in the party,” which was also not honoured.

Kibalama, who previously said he had received death threats for selling his party to Bobi Wine, says now that his decision to take back the party was not forced by any external forces.

“Ever since we made these changes, I keep receiving threatening messages, mysterious people asking me why I gave out the party to Bobi Wine,” Kibalama told press on August 11th.

“Last week, an unknown person came to my home and entered my house, I just ran away through other means,” he said.






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