I Used to Dig, Fetch Water, Firewood-Zari Hassan

Many look at her and assume that she came straight from Mars and is literally made of gold due to her luxurious lifestyle, fancy dressing, riches and maybe the people she dates.

However, Zarinah Hassan better known as Zari is just as normal as any other human being who actually grew up in a very humble background than a number Ugandans.

Over the weekend, the celebrated socialite decided to visit her village in Jinja where she took numerous photos doing activities she normally never does given her status.

Zari after feeding her father’s goats

“Nothing really new about this whole village experience as some think. My folks used to send me and my siblings to the village for holidays (I mean back in the days which family didn’t),” Zari posted on her social media page captioning a photo when she was in the garden.

The self-proclaimed boss lady added, “We did proper gardening (not the new type of gardening as in your flowers in your back yard, no). Fetched water and firewood kilometers away from my grandmother’s house. I learnt to balance my basket and 20litre jerican, kwegamba tewali kipya (nothing is new). I have done it all.”

Zari attending to cattle

Zari posted more photos when she was carrying a basket of sweet potatoes, attending to the goats and her father’s cattle in Guluma Parish-Jina district.

The mother of 5 also used this as an opportunity to tour the new Nile Bridge showing off how Uganda is the Pearl of Africa given her new role as the Tourism ambassador.

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