I support Any Government In Power-Chameleone

Uganda’s legendary Afro Beat star, Joseph Mayanja better known by his stage name Jose Chameleone has come out to assure his fans that he supports any Government in power.

Chameleone Performing

The ‘Valu Valu’ truck maker openly told his fans that had turned up in massive numbers to support him during the Saba Saba Concert held on Friday last week at Kyadondo cricket oval that he will always not oppose any Government in Power but grant his full support.

Thousands turned up to support their legend

After pampering himself with praises that he is a legend, big boy in the industry whom any other Ugandan artist cannot compete with, Chameleon called Bobi Wine on stage to attest to the fans that he is indeed a legend in Uganda’s Music industry.

“ Bobi wine I summon you to the stage right now anti I am the legendary, I call any person I want, come over to the stage Bobi Wine, come assure people that I am a legend in the Music industry,” said Chameleone.

Bobi Wine upon steeping on stage amidst thunderous cheers from the crowds, agreed that Chameleone is a legend who cannot be compared to any one when it comes to Music in Not only Uganda but East Africa.

He (Bobi Wine), later in his Kyarenga song asked Chameleone to assure fans where he belongs politically.

“Chameleone, Today you say you are People Power, tomorrow you are you are for the Movement; please tell us where you belong?”

Chameleone in response said that he supports any Ruling Government in power and will always remain submissive to it.

“Bobi Wine, I support any Government in power (AGIP). I will always remain loyal to the Government in power to avoid trouble and besides, you refused to offer me a top position in People Power,” Chameleone Responded.

The’ Mateka’ song maker is indeed a legend as he pulled thousands to Cricket oval for the third time following  the  March 2014 ‘Tubonge live’  concert where he  broke the record for the largest audience of any East African performer, drawing over 40,000 to the show.

Chameleone again made another outstanding mark on his annual do Legend ‘Hit after Hit’ concert that was once again a sell out just like the just concluded Saba Saba concert where he performed for 3 hours nonstop.

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