I Really Love My Life And You Too Should-Beenie Gunter Tells Fans

Singer Beenie Gunter is one of the artists with love and care for his fans as he boldly advised them to always love themselves.

The singer who was performing at the ‘Bell Jamz Listeners Experience’ party held at Wave lounge in Kololo, emphasized on self-love on each other, no matter the situation one is in.

Beenie Gunter with Eddy Kenzo entertaining partiers

This was after he revealed that he got inspired by Darmaco’s ‘I love my life’ song, which clearly states that people have got to love, appreciate that life is precious and God above all.

Gunter was vocal on how he loves the song, being his inspirational song that encouraged him to do music.

“I really love my life and you too should,” he said.

‘I love my life’ was recorded by Jamaica’s Darmaco in 2010 and was later released in June, 2011, which became a massive hit not only in Jamaica, Worldwide.

John Blaq performing

Launched last month, the ‘Bell Jamz Listeners Experience’ is to enable UBL customers and music lovers to enjoy their favorite music and freely meet with the artists

Miss Deedan was the MC of the night

The experience will mainly focus on one Ugandan artist monthly for an exclusive, up-close and personal performance, happening monthly and will feature various top Ugandan artists.


Beenie Gunter went ahead singing the song’s lyrics, line after the other.

“Mek a change dont mek nobody stress yuh

Dont mek no blood pressure mek yuh life leff yuh

Neva yuh hurt a soul unless yuh haffi defend Yuhself if dem try test yuh

Thank God fi mi life yes

Mi wake up this morning and alive yes

Mek dem gwaan judge nobody nuh perfect and Fadda god alone bring brightness

If yuh nuh like how mi seh, go find the lord.”

Lydia Jazmine giving fans her best

The singer continued entertaining partiers with his hit songs Watto,Tubayo,Kill a man and Pon Mi among others before being joined by Nina Roz,Eddy Kenzo and later Navio on their collaborations.

Nina Roz on stage

There were also performances from Lydia Jazmine,John Blaq among others.

He thanked Bell Jamz for organizing such a magnificent Listener’s party.

“I wanna say thank you to Bell Jamz for this party because honestly, if it wasn’t for you, I am sure we wouldn’t be here tonight,”

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