I Made My Wealth Before Coming to Power – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday lambasted critics of his vast wealth, stressing that he acquired all of it fairly.

President Museveni, whose wealth, like many political leaders remains a matter of speculation, said in a statement that he obtained much of this wealth long before he became president.

Museveni also rubbished claims that he has helped many of his clansmen from the western Ankole region to prosper faster than the rest of Ugandans.

The president was responding to comments by his social media followers, in an earlier statement that he posted regarding his just concluded nationwide sensitization tour.

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“Mr. Nsubuga, I bought Rwakitura in 1967.  Whose money could I have stolen then?  What power did I have?” he wrote.

Horan Nsubuga, one of the commentators had accused the president and people from his tribe of amassing lots of wealth, “by stealing and not by engaging in wealth creation.”

Another commentator Prossy Nabulime said the president could not have purchased all the land he currently owns.

She believes that some of the president’s land such as his ranch in Kisozi, is government land.


Museveni in the statement however, dismissed this assumption as “wrong.”

“I have land in Kisozi. Yes, it is true that there is a Government Ranch nearby that I spied for the Government when I bought my land there in 1990. Nevertheless, I have my own land in the Kisozi – Ssembabule district,” he said.

“Having bought my land in 1990, I advised the Government to buy the bigger land nearby.”

On claims that he has helped his own folk to become wealthy, Museveni said this too is not factual.

“The transformation that took place in parts of the cattle corridor, actually started in 1966 and, to some extent, before sensitization,” he said.

“Which clansman of mine was in power, then, to steal government assets, oil money, mines money, donations from abroad?”

On the contrary, Museveni says many Ugandans in different regions outside Ankole, who have listened to his message of prosperity, have become wealthy.

“The people of Kalangala have woken up and are earning good money from the project of palm oil that we gave them. Are they my clansmen?” he wondered.

“The people of the remote Bundibugyo are earning good money from coffee and cocoa and want to start a chocolate factory. Are they my clansmen? The People of Nwoya, some of them working with entrepreneurs from outside, are transforming that area with huge modern farms. Are they my clansmen?”

Meanwhile, Museveni also brushed off accusations that he treats treats his own clansmen fairer than other Ugandans.

The president was  accused by one of his followers of being discriminative.

“Shakib Kiko says that Jajja asosola (discriminates). Kusosola whom? Clarify, please,” he said.

“I introduced immunization for the Bazzukulu, universal education for the Bazzukulu etc. The Bazzukulu are supposed to study free. I will send a message on this.”

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