I Lied to The Electoral Commission about NUP – Kibalama Tells Court


Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the founder of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party has Friday told the Kampala High Court that he provided deceitful information to the Electoral Commission to help facilitate the transfer of the party to Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) and his team under the People Power Movement.

Kibalama, who back in July sold his party formerly known as NURP to Bobi Wine, this week under unclear circumstances changed his mind and asked to have it back.

In a signed affidavit at the Kampala High Court today, Kibalama sought to change his earlier affidavit in which he had affirmed that the transfer of NUP to People Power was conducted legally.

In this case, Kibalama is being sued by one Difas Basile and other former officials of the old NURP, for illegally changing the names of the party, and later selling it out to People Power.

In his earlier affidavit of 13th September last week, Kibalama together with Paul Simbwa Kagombe who served as the NURP Secretary General under him, had reaffirmed that the party transfer to People Power had followed the proper procedures, during the party’s Delegates Conference which sat on July 14th in Kakiri.

However, in an apparent change of mind, Kabalama and Kagombe (his nephew) told High Court today that the Kakiri meeting had been held illegally in disregard of the party constitution.

The two also said that the documents that they presented to the Electoral Commission to confirm the name change and party transfer had been falsified.


“I wish to categorically state that no such meeting (in Kakiri) ever took place,” Kibalama said in his affidavit.

“What happened was that 9 people including myself, William Odinga, Winston Kigozi, Kyagulanyi, Nyanzi, Flavia Kalule, Benjamin Katana, Joel Senyonyi and Nubian Lee met and we approved the new party leaders headed by Bobi Wine as the party president.”

“Thereafter, the Second Respondent (Kagombe) called 41 other people who signed the attendance list without actually holding the party delegates conference. I and the second respondent then filed these minutes and resolutions with the Electoral Commission.”

In his own affidavit, Paul Simbwa Kagombe also told court that he had personally falsified the information that was provided to the Electoral Commission.

“The resolutions and minutes of the Extraordinary Delegates Conference at Kakiri are not true as such meeting did not take place. We sat as only 9 people and decided to rubberstamp the 3rd to 9th respondents (People Power team) as the new office bearers after which we collected signatures to rubberstamp the decision.

“Under the constitution there is no way that a meeting of 41 members can constitute quorum for a delegates conference.”

Kibalama and Kagombe claim that they decided to back out of the party sale deal because they were not paid $5million which was promised to them by People Power.

Bobi Wine however, dismissed this claim and accused the ruling NRM government and President Yoweri Museveni of arm-twisting them.

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