I Knew I was Being Spied On – Besigye

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary (equivalent of Minister) for Sports, viagra 40mg Arts and Culture, here Mr. Hassan Wario, ambulance has revealed that his ministry is taking over the management and leadership of the Kenyan men’s national team, the Harambee stars.

The team has been under the control of the local Football federation, FKF.

The move comes in accordance with a sports act passed in 2013 that mandates all the Kenya national sports teams to be managed by the underlying ministry.

The Harambee Stars as they are commonly known have been registering a series of very poor results attributed to poor management, embezzlement and corruption by the current federation led by Sam Nyamwea.

In recent times, players have been complaining of unpaid allowances and empty promises a fete that has seen several foreign stars including first choice keeper Arnold Origi and Zambian-based David Owino shun national call-ups.

“There have been so many issues surrounding the national football team and that is why you find there are no results. Things are done last minute despite there existing a proper calendar of events and these are some of the  things we will look to change. We will constitute a board that will see the team run professionally and in that we will also include people from the corporate bodies because there is no way we can run the team without involvement of the corporate world,” the sports cabinet secretary said.

The Kenya FA is currently under a lot of pressure to quit office ahead of the presidential elections set for later this year.
Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] flag bearer Dr. Kizza Besigye has said he is not surprised by the just unveiled report that government purchased equipment to spy on opposition politicians, pill and that all along he knew he was a victim of this scheme.

UK based Privacy International Ltd, a human rights watchdog organization in a report published by the BBC, accused the Uganda government through CMI of using the intrusion malware to infect and tap communication devices of opposition politicians.


Addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati on Friday morning, Besigye said he was aware on several occasions that the malware was used to spy on him, but had nothing to do about it.

“Even before I heard about the report, I knew my gadgets had been bugged. I always experience interference when talking on my phone,” Besigye said.

“Sometimes messages sent to me take weeks before reaching my phone yet the senders tell me they were sent sometime back. I have had 2 computers completely crash due to this interference.”

The opposition stalwart urged international bodies and governments to ensure that restrictions are put on the
purchase of the spying technology as it is on some weapons, adding that many governments  in the world are involved in the purchase of the technology to crack down on their opponents.

“There is need to impose regulations on how such technology is supplied to different countries the way it is done with weapons, because spy gadgets are an extension of military technology that governments invest in to cripple the works of their opponents,” he urged.

These technologies he said are not for the safety of the citizens, but simply help the ruling government’s grip onto power; adding that it would be beneficial if money spent on such gadgets was put to better use.
“Criminals are having a field day but police is not focused on them using these gadgets. Why not put this money into something more beneficial?”

He said however, that the spy program would not stop him from continuing with his planned political programs because everything he does is in accordance with the law.

“There is nothing that FDC or myself are doing that we would not do in full glare of cameras. All they are doing is wasting money and energy.”

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