I Have Never Abandoned My Mother Party – Moses Byamugisha on Backing Amuriat

Long time Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) activist Moses Byamugisha has Tuesday spoken out as to why he dropped out of the 2021 Presidential race.

On July 20, 2020, Byamugisha, who is an ardent supporter of four time Presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye, surprised many when he announced in Kampala that he would contest for Uganda’s top most office as an independent candidate.

He pointed out that his sudden change of mind was premised on lack of adequate resources to represent the party. As such, he explained that in choosing a Presidential Candidate, FDC members might prefer a candidate who is able to cater for his entire campaign expenses.

“Therefore, members will be more inclined to such a candidate who has a big financial muscle and won’t be a burden to the party. One who can considerably support themselves,” Byamugisha pointed out then.

However, after making that grand announcement, Byamugisha went AWOL prompting some pundits to presuppose that his candidacy was merely a gimmick aimed at attracting public attention.

Speaking to ChimpReports at St Paul Catholic Church in Kumi town on Monday, the lanky lawyer revealed that he was discouraged by the format of the forthcoming 2021 General Polls which places emphasis on virtual campaigns.

For one, Byamugisha explained that that his plans to activate his networks on the ground, build his brand and prepare himself for the future, were not compatible with Electoral Commission (EC) guidelines.

“What happened is, they indicated that the electoral laws at the moment are to the effect that there are no meetings, no nothing,.. 70 people. These campaign laws are going to be digital, meaning that the whole plan that I had in my mind of being able to go on ground and building my base will not be able to work,” he elaborated.


View his explanation here; https://youtu.be/Pa238ujoxXU

“The campaign period which is normally 90 days was reduced to 60 or 65 days. An indication that the whole thing was going to be a raw deal,” Byamugisha further stated.

Asked what informed his decision to back Patrick Oboi Amuriat aka POA, he categorically intimated that never at one point in time did he abandon his mother Party much as he was pushing to run as an independent candidate.

All said and done, Byamugisha promised to resuscitate his Presidential ambitions in the aftermath of next year’s presidential elections.

“As long as we are alive, dreams don’t collapse like that. In 2022, FDC is going to look for a Party President; I will be there. Thereafter, we shall be looking for a flag bearer,” he summed.


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