‘I Forgave Those who Hit me with Bottles but I also Warn them’ – Bebe Cool

One could say that the reason the Gagamel Boss, Bebe Cool suspended public performances for two months was after the bottle throwing incident that happened during the Swangz all -star tour concert at cricket oval Lugogo.

Though he had commented a few times on the incident, Bebe Cool has for the first time expressed his feelings towards the people who hit him.

“I forgave the people who hit me with bottles that day, I am not angry at them or else I wouldn’t be doing these good deeds,” He exclaimed during a press conference yesterday at Torino Bar.

He added, “A Ugandan who threw a bottle at me that day was an angry Ugandan who doesn’t like me for my beliefs. The difference is  I am civilized,  I will not throw a bottle because I don’t have the same beliefs with them.”

However he warned people of such character against causing any drama during his ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule Mutima Gwa Zaabu’ concert as they will not be spared.

“I pity people who think they are going to bring their uncivilization in Kiwatule because the security is always tight and majority will be Bebe Cool fans; they won’t survive,” Bebe Cool warned.

The ‘Wasibukawa’ singer advised Ugandans to learn to balance their understanding; to know that people can have different beliefs but still manage to remain positive.

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