‘I don’t want to do Interviews for Free Anymore’-Comic Ann Kansiime

Ugandan Comedian Ann Kansiime has said she does not want to do any interviews for free anymore.

The Comic revaled that she has set conditions for journalists if they want an interview from her.

“Journalists forget, Me I’ve surrendered, journalists just forget. In fact, the next time you want Ann to answer any question or give you content.

First of all, meet me where I am, facilitate me for my content and then be ready to leave that content with me. Share, split that contact” she assured.

Kansiime on her Youtube channel said that she came to conclusion with this because media has not been supportive to her yet they always come to her for content.

“I’m giving you content but when you journalists for instance, have a show coming up, you hustle to get them to give you a platform, to give you interviews, you line up to bench.

Starting with local channels, you hustle to get the interview.”

Kasiime added that people should get all they want from her YouTube channel with out any hustle.


“We are now empowered now to air out our views on channels like YouTube all l do is position the cameras in my face and l tell you what l want.”

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