I Don’t Support Giving Reusable Sanitary Pads to School Girls – Janet Museveni

First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon Janet Museveni has said Government is still not ready to implement the Presidential pledge to supply free Sanitary pads to school going girls.

Mrs Museveni told MPs on the Education Committee of Parliament on Thursday that the free sanitary pads project will have to wait  longer until government has secured proper funding.

On whether or not her ministry could work with local manufacturers to supply reusable sanitary pads, the Minister said she didn’t support this.

“I know that we have some people here who are making what we call reusable sanitary towels,” she said.

“The women in this room know what reusable sanitary towels are, and for me I do not support the idea that government should be providing reusable sanitary pads to school girls.”

The minister did not mention whether or not she feared health risks that could be association with reusable sanitary towels.

No conclusive medical research has found any serious health risk linked to these towels, other than mild skin irritation.

AfriPads, who are the largest producer of reusable pads in Uganda, say their products made from high-performance textiles and provide effective protection for 12+ months of use.


They are also certified by UNBS.

A Recent UN funded pilot study on the impact of these pads in western Uganda found that up to 99% of the respondents reported high levels of satisfaction with all aspects of the AFRIpads.

However, Mrs Museveni said government will be looking to make an investment in the disposable pads and called upon the MPs and the public to be patient until government secures sufficient funding.

“That is why this project has not even started yet; we have to wait until we get funding that will enable us to start and sustain this project,” she said.

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