I Don’t Need Experience to Run Uganda Better, says Bobi Wine

The National Unity Party (NUP) Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, has confessed he does not have the experience in governance.

He, however, quickly added this does not stop him from seeking a better Uganda.

“My knowledge on governance is the fact that I want better, especially when the right things are put in place by a committed team,” said Kyagulanyi, a singer-turned-politician.

“I am not here as a professional, I have not been a prefect before, I have not run for several offices before but I know that this country is just as my country, as your country, as everyone’s,” he noted.

Kyagulanyi made these remarks while appearing on Radio Pacis in West Nile, shortly after concluding his day one campaigns in the three districts of Arua, Nebbi and Pakwach where he held three successful mass rallies.

However, researchers say its experienced leaders who make good presidents.

When elevated to bigger positions of responsibility, experienced leaders quickly adapt in running a much broader, bigger function where the demands are significantly different than before.

Bobi’s critics maintain he lacks the experience and skills to run a diverse country like Uganda facing a myriad of challenges including poverty, regional security threats and higher levels of unemployment.


But Bobi, knowing most of his youth base would not be interested in colourful slogans and reading detailed manifestos, said, “It is not a matter of who knows governance or who is more experienced but rather demanding for better because we have the power of putting you a side and hand pick people who will work for people.”

Bobi previously run a music company and has interests in real estate. He also has served as lawmaker for Kyaddondo East for less than five years.

“So I am not here to show off experiences,” said Bobi, adding, “Ugandans have been hoodwinked to think that for someone to help one’s people, one must show off a certain credentials which is just a myth.”

He emphasised: “Let me take you back in the 70s, the president that worked hard for bettering the lives of his people, Idi Amin, did not have a University qualification. Uganda is not short of beautiful policies and ideas but know political will of bettering the lives of the people.”

Bobi did not show how Amin helped in transforming Uganda’s economy.

In 1971, Idi Amin overthrew President Milton Obote in a military coup and Uganda went into rapid political and economic decline.

Nevertheless, Bobi said, he didn’t “need any kind of experience to know that women die when giving birth. The right thing is to know how funds are appropriated and followed up and do what it is supposed to do. It is as simple as that.”

He also blasted the Ugandan Parliament, which he called a “Rubber stamp” of the ruling government.

“Our Parliament is a room of robbing the nation. For instance as the country was in dire poverty, they (MPs) were busy giving money to themselves. The Parliament is a rotten house which needs thorough cleaning up because in addition to that, it is in the pockets of Mr. Museveni,” he said.

Parliament came under fire for allocating each legislator Shs 20m to support COVID-19 prevention campaigns.

Kyagulanyi will this Wednesday hold campaigns in West Nile districts of Kitgum, Pader and Gulu district.

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