I Don’t Need Any More Advice, I Am Ready For Death – Kenzo Tells Off Sympathizers

The rift between prominent musician Eddy Kenzo and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata seems to be growing wider every day that passes by.

The misunderstanding between the two that started with the statements made by Muzaata at Rema’s Kukyala seems to have taken a new twist after Kenzo coming out last night to declare what he intends to do if Muzaata fails to publically apologize to him.

In his last post on Sunday, Kenzo warned that very soon he is returning back to Uganda but he is to camp at Kibuli Mosque until Muzaata conducts a marriage ceremony between him and his late mother.

“I’m coming back and I will be sleeping outside Kibuli Mosque until I see Mr Muzaata njagala ampowe ne maama wange,” vowed Kenzo.

Before this, Kenzo had vowed not to carry out any performance in Uganda before Muzaata’s apology or presenting evidence of his allegations which he says has affected his reputation before the public.

In one of the post’s, Kenzo revealed that many people have asked him to get off social media during this trying moment, but according to him he is not ready to sit back and watch his hardly earned reputation die.

“Nkimanyi Uganda yona eri disappointed olwa reaction yange ku muzata era my life might not be the same again but it’s okay obakufa kanfe.

I will be happy to follow my mother in peace.”


He added that several other baseless allegations were put on to him in one of the interviews he watched on TV.

“If the whole world is hating me, I understand because Muzaata has nothing to lose kubanga ye wakitalo yasoma eddini namala.”

“But at this moment I don’t care. oba byona bigwawo kabigwewo muzata ayina okumbulira oba omuntu ayinza okuwasa maamawe, to all my friends, don’t call me again I don’t need anybody’s advice for now oba nfa kanfe its ok. I don’t need anything right now, but my dignity.”

At the moment Shiekh Muzaata who is being accused has not yet come out to give his side of the story.


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