I Don’t Deal in Cannabis – Minister Aceng

The Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has distanced herself against allegations that she is one of the Directors and funders of Together Pharma Company which deals in Medical Cannabis.

In a statement released via her official social media platforms on Sunday, Aceng said that it’s unfortunate that certain people have resorted to misleading the public through circulating wrong information.

“I wish to categorically state that I am not involved in growing Cannabis and I am in no trouble over Cannabis.”

“I have not issued any authorization for cannabis growing in Uganda. The cabinet is yet to consider the feasibility of this. Until then, I request the population to ignore the wrong media posts and treat it baseless and malicious,” reads the post.

On Sunday morning, information went viral on various social media platforms pointing out Dr. Aceng as one of the Directors of an Israel based company dealing in medical cannabis.

That the said company is in the process of starting the same business in Africa of manufacturing medical cannabis inform of Creams, Capsules, Oil, Ready cigarettes, and Inflorescence.

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