I Don’t Belong To ‘Power 10’ Pressure Group – MP Muzanira

Rukungiri District Woman MP Betty Muzanira (FDC) yesterday kicked off her defence in the case in which her 2018 by-election victory is being  challenged by NRM’s Winfred Matsiko, whom she ousted.

Muzanira was tasked by Matsiko’s lawyers to explain among others why in the 2016 general elections, she used the names Betty Bamukwatsa on the ballot, but in 2018 she used Betty Bamukwatsa Muzanira.

The MP explained that Muzanira was the name of her husband and that she has been using it since their marriage in 1993.

Mr Augustine Muzanira passed away in 2000.

“When they asked for any other name on the nomination form I decided to put Muzanira,” she said.

Meanwhile, during cross examination, Muzanira denied ever subscribing to the FDC pressure group “Power 10” which has often been accused of violent acts by authorities.

According to Matsiko, Muzanira belongs, the pressure group.

She claims the group members including FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Mubarak Munyagwa, Ingrid Turinawe, and Gen. Mugisha Muntu intimidated some of the NRM supporters during last year’s by election.


Meanwhile, during the court session, one of Winfred Matsiko’s witnesses shocked court when he claimed at one point to have been in Kampala and Ntungamo in the same evening.

Elvis Mpanga, one of the seven witnesses presented by Matsiko, claimed he was in Kampala helping with translation of the voices from Runyankole to English, and in that same evening he happened to be in Ntungamo district signing an affidavit.

But when grilled further, he owned up that yesterday was his first time to visit western Uganda.

Justice Moses Kawumi Kazibwe said he will be giving his ruling on the case on notice.

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