‘I Didn’t Quit NTV Because of Poor Pay’ – Justine Nameere

Former NTV presenter Justine Nameere has revealed that she did not leave her job at the station due to poor pay but rather the mistreatment she was subjected to while at work.

“First of all, I did not leave NTV because of poor pay, I left NTV because of mistreatment! My happiness at the station ended with the Kenyan management,” she retorted.

Nameere’s revelation comes at a time when Sheilah Gahumba, another employee at NTV, tweeted about employee exploitation at the station. Gashumba posted on her twitter saying that NTV Uganda doesn’t pay their presenters what they are worth revealing that they are paid only Shs 50,000 per show.

Nameere worked as a host on the Life Stories TV show on NTV Uganda but resigned in 2013 with claims that the new manager at the station was making her life difficult. She further revealed that her happiness at NTV ended when the Kenyan management that was in charge of the station at the time stopped their operation.

After quitting NTV, it is said that Nameere has tried so hard to get a job from several other TV stations including Urban TV, Bukedde TV, UBC TV, Salt TV, NBS TV before she decided to quit TV completely.

Nameere now plans to join politics and will be vying for the Central Region Youth MP position.

“I was okay with my salary, besides my salary at NTV increased four times in two years! On top of that, I got bonuses every time I made it to the in-house wall of fame, got awards, etc! (Kenyans are charming managers) Yet ironically I never once asked for a salary increment or bonus, all I did was work,” she said.

She further added that she couldn’t tolerate mistreatment from one of the managers at the station and she had to resign in good faith but the same manager conducted tabloids to report that she was fired.


She advises presenters to be smart and make use of their content on online channels like YouTube where they can make extra cash.


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