I Couldn’t Sit Home: Injured Mp Kabaziguruka Arrives At Parliament in Ambulance

Crippled Nakawa Mp Michael Kabaziguruka a few minutes after 1pm arrived at parliament in an ambulance to be part of this afternoon’s tabling of a bill on removal of the Presidential Age Limit.

Kabaziguruka was in July involved in a car accident, which crashed his right leg. Doctors don’t expect him to walk by himself in the next three months, he told us yesterday.

The MP was wheeled out of the Ambulance at the Parliament check point, and later was helped with a walker to get into the parliamentary building.


He told reporters at the parliament gate; “I couldn’t stay at home when my role is to represent people. I have to appear in parliament to represent the views of my people. My pain can wait; it has to be country first”

Kabaziguruka said he wanted to be on record that he doesn’t support the amendment of the constitution to lift the age limit.

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