VIDEO: I am the Most Serious Candidate from East and Greater North – FDC’s Amuriat

Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat aka POA has today lashed at detractors for downplaying his abilities to change the statusquo.

Addressing the press at Eneku Village in Soroti City on Tuesday, Amuriat said that it had been brought to his attention that some political actors are trading a notion that he is inexperienced and unpopular beyond Teso region.

The former Kumi County lawmaker turned the guns on detractors, saying some of them lack the audacity to comment on political matters of this nature.

“I think that just talking of my candidature in relation to Teso is reducing my space. Because I am the most serious candidate coming from Eastern Region or even the Greater North from the time that Museveni came to Power,” Amuriat responded.

“And so, I could easily represent that Eastern candidate who is there seeking for an Eastern vote as well as from else where. Not that votes from other regions are not important. We are going to pursue those votes and get those votes,” he elaborated.

He added that this talk was baseless especially considering the fact that he first ran for Legislature during the 1994 Constituency Assembly (CA) elections and then later served as Kumi County Member of Parliament (MP) for fifteen years starting in 2001.

An engineer by profession, Amuriat implored critics to track his impact in the post 2021 Election period.

“The leadership of this place has already been determined. 2021 in my estimation is going to see a POA wave happening and I believe it will happen,” said Amuriat.


The FDC top shot on Monday launched his campaigns in Soroti, Eastern Uganda.

He blamed yesterday’s chaos in Soroti Town on Lt Gen Peter Elwelu whom he accused of trying to circumvent his Presidential campaigns.

“What you saw in Town yesterday was designed by agents of the state. And you know a General from this area Elwelu and an excited Member of Parliament who was favored to get the position of state Minister and he thinks he has got to heaven,” charged Amuriat.

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