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I am Ready to Quit NRM – Otafiire

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has expressed preparedness to exit the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party which he helped bring to power in 1986.

Minister Otafiire said Monday afternoon that he would not hesitate to quit the NRM and join another party, cure http://cmd-kenya.org/institute/wp-includes/wp-db.php if the leadership insisted on sidelining him.

Otafiire’s outburst stems from the ruling party’s October Parliamentary Primaries in his Ruhinda Constituency which he lost to his contender Capt. Donozio Kahonda.

Upon losing a petition to the NRM’s Electoral Commission about alleged irregularities in the election, healing http://cybermartz.net/extensions/banner_manager/storefront/model/extension/banner_manager.php Kahinda preceded to seek nomination last week as an independent candidate in next year’s election; against the will of his party.

The NRM Secretariat has severally warned to expel anyone of its members that will run on an independent ticket, which is against its rules and regulations.

Otafiire accused his opponent Kahonda, who at the time of the election was locked up in prison in Jinja, of bribery and vote rigging.

While addressing press at his office Kampala this afternoon, Gen Otafiire said that he run to the party Electoral Commission but his concerns were deliberately ignored by the chief commissioner Dr Tanga Odoi.

“I came here and pleaded with this party which I love so much. I asked them hear me out because some things were not going right in the primaries; they only looked at me as trash. Now I wonder what they expect me to do,” he said.


After his petition was disregarded by the Commission, the minister rushed to Mbarara High Court seeking for a temporary injunction restraining Capt Kahonda from getting nominated as the NRM party flag bearer.

However, the ruling was delayed for the final verdict as court waited for the councils to take a decision.

A distraught Otafiire then took the decision on Wednesday 3rd December to stand on an independent ticket to defend his Parliamentary seat.

In his emotional press briefing today, the general said that the party had tested his limits as a committed member and warned that if it continued down that road, it would end up like the Uganda People’s Congress.

“If you insist that the pillars of your party are not anything to think about, you are missing the point. Because to think that you are right and they are wrong, is to go the UPC way. The practice of not paying attention to the concerns of members is going to burry this party,” he cautioned.

Aked by reporters about his next step if the party remained insistent on expelling independent candidates, Kahinda made it clear that the NRM was not his last option.

“This is not the first party that has existed in Uganda. I was once in the UPC, I left it and joined FRONASA and then shifted to UPM. Today I am in NRM,” he said.

“If my rights in the NRM are not respected, and those trampling on them say they want me no more, I am ready to leave.”

His opponent Kahonda last week told journalists after the flopped injunction application, that even if there was to be another election he would still floor him.

“He is a political failure now. Even if the two of us run as independents I would still thrash him,” boasted Capt. Kahonda.



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