“I am Not Going To Release Anymore Love Songs” -Ykee Benda

Singer Wycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda has declared that he will not be releasing any more love songs till June this year.

This comes after a couple of his fans confessed that their girlfriends get so obsessed with the singer, each time he releases a love song.

His latest love song, ’Singa’ has received massive airplay both on Radio and TV and is slowly becoming the most listened and liked love songs especially among the ladies due to its soothing vocals, instrumentals and beautiful lyrics.

One of his fans confessed to have dumped one of his girlfriends for her obsession with the Singa. “I will be honest. I dumped my girlfriend because she was so obsessed with Ykee Benda. Every time Ykee this Ykee that.”

To which the singer replied that he will not be releasing any more love song till June.

“I promise ‘Singa’ is the last love song from me till June there,” Ykee Benda replied.

The singer just released a brand new song titled ‘Kwiso bando’ a week ago and is currently focused on promoting and preparing for his upcoming ‘Singa’ concert scheduled for March 29 at Kampala Serena Hotel.




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