I am Not Financed by Foreigners – Lawyer Mabirizi

Self-styled city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has come out to clarify that his seemingly endless legal battles with government in court are not funded by foreigners as has often been assumed.

Mabirizi immediately after returning from the East African Court of Justice where he challenges the presidential age limit constitutional amendment, told press that he files most of his cases basing on the love for democracy and freedom in his country.

The lawyer stressed that all petitions he files in court are financed by himself from his limited resources and at times supplemented by Ugandans.

“I don’t have any foreign funder; NGOs cannot fund me because they are intimidated. If I had sponsors, I think I would have used a plane and not the tiresome road transport,” he said.

“I receive my money via mobile money, which even the government can verify who sends me this money.”

Mabirizi said on his recent journey to Arusha, he had expected much money from the people but he raised only11 million shillings which he topped up to facilitate him at the first stage of the case

The lawyer, called up Ugandans to pick up interest in his case at the regional court.

“In the recent court session apart from the representatives of Attorney General and myself there was only one Ugandan who joined us. He didn’t travel from Kampala to Arusha because of the case but because he had work that side ”


Despite the financial constraints, Mabirizi says he will pursue this matter to the end.

“Even if attending the Arusha court means walking on foot, I will do it because I know very many Ugandans are behind me”

Mabirizi came in the lime light after dragging the Kabaka of Buganda to court over land issues, which was widely criticized by his fellow tribesmen.

He went ahead and filed a number public interest cases in High Court including the Age limit petition challenging the lifting of the presidential age limit, which started at the Constitutional Court to the Supreme Court and now to the East African court of Justice

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