I am Least Paid President But Wealthy – Museveni

President Museveni has said despite being one of the least paid Presidents in Africa; he is a rich man because of what he earns from Agriculture, ambulance Chimp Corps report.

Museveni is considered one of the largest cattle keepers and traders in the country.

“Your President is one of the least paid on the continent. But although I earn little from your government, viagra approved I’m a rich man from agriculture. When I tell you that commercial agriculture is wealth, patient I am telling you what I know,” he said.

The President was referring to a report by the Africa Review that compiled and analyzed salaries of African leaders to try and see the relationship between those in power and the governed.

The highest paid leader is Paul Biya who earns US$610,000 while the least paid is Sierra Leone’s President who earns US$12,000. President Museveni’s salary was put at US$15,000.

The President on Saturday kick-started his working tour to promote the Operation Wealth Creation campaign in Teso Region. The campaign is aimed at ensuring that households have at least one income-generating project to boost income and food security.

Museveni made on spot visit to Ikiring's poultry farm, Kakere, Bukedea
Museveni made on spot visit to Ikiring’s poultry farm, Kakere, Bukedea

While addressing a mammoth rally at the Boma Grounds at the district headquarters in Bukedea district, the President urged the people of Teso to engage in modern agro-production for them to be able to realize wealth, adding the infrastructure development in place such as roads, electricity, schools and medical facilities among others is development but not individual wealth.

He urged the people of Bukedea to use peace and security ushered in by the NRM government to work and create wealth, saying that previously the region was full of insecurity caused by rebels because of bad past governments.


“This peace and the development that you have must be taken advantage of to create wealth. With Peace and development, the future of this country is very bright. I appeal to each of you to engage in a wealth creation project,” he said.

He said that the NRM government is considering introducing skills development for unemployed graduates at government cost to address the problem of unemployment among the youth.

Museveni commissioned a new classroom blocks at St. Theresa, Okunguro.
Museveni commissioned a new classroom blocks at St. Theresa, Okunguro

Before the rally, the President toured a progressive farmer Ms. Deborah Ikiring, a teacher by Profession who rears poultry for eggs and earns Shs 12m per year as profit.

The president gave her four Friesian cows to boost her project. Later, the President also commissioned a class room block constructed at St Thereza Primary School, Okunguru by Government of Uganda with a loan from the World Bank.

He urged students to remain healthy and guard their lives against the deadly HIV and AIDS.

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