I am Incorruptible, says Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi Amid Bribery Accusations

Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu the head of Informal Sector in National Unity Platform (NUP) has come out to distance himself from allegations that he solicited bribes from various candidates seeking to hold the party’s card in the forthcoming elections.

Yesterday, a group of NUP members stormed the party offices accusing Nyanzi and other leaders of engaging in bribery and nepotism during the flag bearer selection process.

However, while addressing press today, Nyanzi dismissed these claims as untrue and blamed them on “enemies of the struggle”

Mr Nyanzi further said he had been approached by numerous individuals asking him to leave the struggle for huge sums of money which he turned down.

“Blackmail is one of the tools used to weaken whoever is near Kyagulanyi. I want all people who are accusing me of taking their money in exchange of NUP card to come out with evidence and prove their allegations.”

As to why he decided to be part of Bobi Wine’s political struggle, Nyanzi said he was doing this to protect his brother Robert Kyagulanyi, having been in the political field longer.

“I can’t sit at home when people attacking my brother yet with my 25 years of experience I am sure that nobody can give him the required security like I can.”

He also said he couldn’t be accused of nepotism because the NUP party has not yet taken government.

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