I am Going to Teach Mabirizi a Lesson – Tamale Mirundi

Former Presidential Press Secretary, Joseph Tamale Mirundi has invited Ugandans to turn up at the Kampala High Court and watch him “humiliate” city lawyer Kassim Male Mabirizi, who sued him for defamation.

Mirundi says Mabirizi, — who has lately made a name for filing numerous cases in courts of law – made a mistake by coming after him, and that he is going to regret it.

“Many people have accused me of disrespecting Buganda Kingdom but I have never dragged the Kabaka to court like this man did,” Mirundi said last evening.

He added that by the end of the defamation case, many people will thank him for putting the unruly lawyer in his place.

“I have already instructed my lawyers to file in court my defence. I have two lawyers at my home who studied in Scotland. Do you think you are the only one in town?”

Lawyer Kassim Male Mabirizi

Mirundi, a vocal political commentator went on to accuse lawyer Mabirizi of being idle, and called on his father to help him get married.

“A Muganda dragging Kabaka to court it’s like Satan dragging God to court. I kindly request you Mabirizi not to withdraw this case”

Responding to the attack, counsel Mabirizi said he had been silent for long while being defamed by Mr. Mirundi.


He said he will not be withdrawing this case until he gets an apology from the former State House officer.

“What I know is that when contacted by Court’s process server, Mirundi reacted badly. I am waiting for mediation, and if he apologizes to me and retracts his defamatory statements against me I will forgive him” Mabirizi revealed

The lawyer added that Mirundi’s “empty threats” will not intimidate him.

On Monday this week Mabirizi dragged Mirundi to court for defaming him by claiming that he has been fronted by Minister Sam Kutesa to destroy the reputation of Rt Hon Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

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