I am Fit At 70 Because I Don’t Drink – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has exceeded 71 years of age,  but still feels athletic and healthy, all thanks to one key thing; “My body is entirely not intoxicated.”

President Museveni told thousands of Ugandans gathering at the Kololo Independence grounds in Kampala on Saturday that he had managed to keep his body in shape because he doesn’t drink or smoke cigarettes.

“I have never in my life tasted Alcohol. I am now 70 years but if you want to bring chaos here,  we’ll brawl.”

“My body is clean. I don’t smoke cigarettes. You find someone busy burning their lungs…setting your own lungs alight. I have also kept myself in shape because I don’t engage in sexual immorality, or spend money lavishly.”

President Museveni was officiating at this year’s Yiiya Sente Business Forum organised by Vision Group’s Bukedde.

He took the participants through his youthful times when he taught himself how to save money, while in high school.

“In 1966 after high school, there was a shortage of teachers, so I was invited to teach at a school for six months before joining university. We were being paid Shs 509 – about 70USD.”

Because I was not drinking or smoking, besides buying food, I saved all the money and after the six months, used it to buy the land where I live in Rwakitura. Meanwhile my fellow youths were in Mbarara, learning how to dance with girls. It was a job to them!”

At the event that was graced by a number of successful Ugandan businessmen and women, Museveni went ahead to discourage the practice of overspending on wedding and graduation parties.

He warned that such parties are “barren,” and would only plunge youths into debts even before they acquire jobs.

He wondered why a person goes to borrow Shs 10million for a graduation or wedding party, an amount of money that would never be recovered.

“Girls, when you see your man borrowing for your weeding, know that that man will not be successful,” he said.

“When I married Janet, we were in exile in London. I remember she invited her brother, his wife and two or three other white people and the wedding was done.”

Museveni advised the youths to be creative, calculative, and to conserve their resources. He told them to get out of towns and acquire cheap land in rural areas where they can establish extensive productive ventures.


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