‘I am Female Dance Production’ To Highlight Issues Faced By Women

Where in the whole of Africa, have you heard of a dance program rather project, with keen interest in out saucing women issues or challenges and probably coming up with solutions? Well, Women have had many challenges which in most cases are not paid any attention to and in case they are, solutions remain unclear.

Most of the people are familiar with such Dances or dance projects in Europe and probably in America, but if that has been regarded impossible,Uganda is one of the African Countries with ‘Women with brains,’ who always look for possibilities to get the under privileged voices, heard.

A group of concerned, creative and responsible ladies have fused themselves together, to come up with ways of creating awareness and highlighting women issues through a healthy way; Dance.

RozViccyCathy (RVC) production, with its partners, Sheraton Hotel, Next Media among others, have organized a women dance theatre project dubbed ‘I am Female Dance Production’ happening in March 5, 2019 at the National theatre auditorium.

Flavia Oketcho(R,) Jocelyn, (2nd R in yellow), Recho K and Viccy Birungi pose for a photo

While addressing Journalist this morning at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Viccy Birungi a member of the RVC Production, said that the dance is practically about conveying different messages concerning what Females face in societies.

Birungi assured the people that the production is going to be the usual commercial dance that they have always done ,but this time around, it shall be one with clear Women issues.

The beauty also revealed that the entire cast, together with other crew is very ready to showcase on that day, before proceeding to applaud their partners for the support.

“This Dance isn’t any different from the other commercial dances you’ve always seen us do, we are not going to deviate from our usual dance, but this one, this time round is full of messages that highlight Women issues. I must thank our partners; Sheraton Hotel, Next Media and all the Journalists for the support you are giving us.”


She also urged other partners to come on board in supporting the unique Women initiative (‘I am Female Dance Production’).

The project will feature renowned city beauties including Uganda’s top Comedian Ann Kansiime, socialite Judith Heard, Radio personalities, Ms. Deedan, Malaika Nyanzi together with Diana, Nunu Umuringa Butare, singer Rachel Kay and Flavia Oketcho aka Flirsh.

The first of its kind, ‘I am Female Dance Production,’ is aimed at highlighting women’s global issues through dance. The production will mainly revolve around five topics; Gender Inequality (inequality in work places), Domestic Violence, access to Girl child education, sexual harassment (entertainment industry) and Women emancipation.

One of the Cast,Rachel Kiwanuka better known by her stage name Rachel Kay, Revealed that the project is one of her lifetime goals she has been waiting for. She acknowledged the organizers for their better choice of the cast and the fact that, they are to spread out the message not only in a healthy way, but in an effective manner as well.

Rachel also challenged those that think that pertinent issues can’t be highlighted through dance.

“Many people think it’s’ impossible to highlight issues in dance, but that’s a very big lie. Through dancing, many issues can be brought to light. I am happy to be part of this project and I will surely show case women issues in dance come March 5.”

On the same note ,Flavia Oketcho, a renowned Basketball player, said that she was super excited upon getting the invitation from RVC for the dance production, the fact that, it’s actually a dance which they are going to do when sober.

“This is a unique project which I have only seen in Europe, it’s something exciting, entertaining but above all conveying important messages.

This is a women production by Women for Women to empower Women, I expect Women to come in large numbers that day at the National Theatre,” said Flirsh.


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