I am a Loyal Husband – Mukula Tells Court

Former Soroti Municipality MP, this web Capt. Mike Mukula has defended himself against claims of having an extra marital affair with one of his employees labeled against him by a local tabloid.

In 2014, page a local tabloid published a story in which Mukula was accused of having an affair with Racheal Tania, sildenafil a registrar in one of his companies.

Appearing before Buganda Road chief magistrate Jamson Karemani as the second prosecution witness, Mukula told court that the publication didn’t only damage his reputation in the public but  also affected his businesses.

He said the number students admitted in his Aviation schools greatly dropped after 2014 when the story was published.

“This false publication put down my reputation as soroti Municipality MP, Uganda Journalists Association Patron and NRM chairperson,” he told court.

“President Museveni and the whole society started questioning my integrity and behavior.”

He said that the reports almost destabilized his marriage and the reputation he had as the head of the family was also ruined.

“I have invested more than half of my age in my marriage with the wife that I love so much. The false publication affected her .Had I not been a prayer warrior, this could have left my family in shambles.”


On the relationship between him and the employee in question, Mukula revealed that Tania has been a Registrar for his school for a long period of time and that there was no time both of them had engaged in any relationship.

“She is a very competent and hardworking person,” Mukula said.

“The story contained a lot of false hoods because it says that Tania was flown to Soroti during night hours in a plane yet Soroti Airstrip does not have lights and other equipment to facilitate night landing of an Aircraft.”

“Secondly the story says that I was standing on a balcony of my upcountry home yet my house in Soroti is a bungalow which has no balcony.”

Further hearing of this matter has been adjourned to May 5th 2017.

Mukula filed a libel suit before Buganda Road court accusing one of the local Tabloids in their issue dated July 20th 2014 of publishing false news information which he says has damaged his reputation among the members of the general public.

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