Hunger Project Empowers Kiruhura

The Hunger Project – a global, cure non-profit organization committed to end of world hunger — has unveiled the first community driven program in the Kiruhura Epicenter in western Uganda.

This was revealed yesterday after carrying out a 10 year sensitization of the communities there.

Working through epicenters (which band together 5, troche 000-15, illness 000 people), the program  empowers women and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty.

The Hunger Project which launched in 1999 in Uganda has been operating in the district since 2006, providing different services like education, health, water, food security, women empowerment and opening up microfinance empowering rural communities at the grass root to end the hunger and poverty levels in the communities.

The Kiruhura chairman LC V Samuel Katugunda praised the NGO for changing people’s mindset in the district.

Katugunda stressed that Uganda is in the era of public private partnerships and that government cannot sustain itself without private partners.

He also praised government for creating an environment that allows such NGOs to peacefully operate in the country.

Dr. Daisy Owomugisha, the country director of the programme said they have nurtured the communities in Kiruhura ready to take charge of their own development by showcasing some of the innovative strategies that have worked in their journey to end hunger and poverty in the district.


“It’s time  to hand over to the community to sustain what we have been nurturing; and we hope they are mature now to sustain it” she said

Daisy said the NGO was not to facilitate all the families in the district but to train and mentor them in changing people’s mindset.

“I believe we cannot do each and everything but we managed to train and capacitate people to appreciate and implement some of the projects,” Daisy said

She asked people to take on small technologies like Climate mark agriculture and rain water tapping during the rainy season for use during the dry seasons.

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