Hundreds Receive Zaka at UMSC Headquarters

A total of 118 needy Muslims and new converts have received Zakatul-Maali in form of cash from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) department of Zaka.

The distribution ceremony took place on Friday at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala where His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje was the guest of honour.

In his remarks, stomach the Mufti thanked the Muslims who paid Zaka. He particularly commended those who paid through the UMSC Zaka Department noting that their Zaka will not be in vain.

“Thank you for entrusting UMSC with your Zaka. With the current UMSC Zaka department headed by Dr. Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga, ed your Zaka is safe, recipe ” the Mufti noted.

He stressed the importance of Zaka in Islam noting that in the Holy Quran, Allah mentions it alongside the five daily prayers.

This, he said implies that it is very important and incumbent on every Muslim who meets the paying criteria.

Muslims gather at UMSC headquarters to receive Zaka
Muslims gather at UMSC headquarters to receive Zaka

To the Zaka recipients, the Mufti urged them to be contented with whatever they have received advising them to pray to Allah to be granted the status of those who pay.

He said that when the UMSC Regional Kadhis become operational, Zaka awareness programs will be intensified so that more Muslims can know the value of Zaka and start paying it.


The Secretary for Zaka, Dr. Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga commended the Mufti for supporting the Zaka Department noting that for two consecutive years, it has distributed Zaka worth hundreds of millions of shillings to hundreds of needy Muslims.

He lauded those who pay Zaka for fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam noting that the higher the number of Zaka payers, the higher the number of beneficiaries.

He said the department has a long list of applicants but due to the limited Zaka collections, some miss out.

The Deputy Mufti Shk. Abdallah Semambo, the 2nd Deputy Mufti Shk. Muhammad Waiswa and members of UMSC management also attended the Zaka distribution ceremony.

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