Hundreds of Bodaboda Riders Detained

Following the mysterious missing of 5 members of the Tabliq Muslim sect, find more about their leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga has lashed at police for what he termed as being used by some forces with an intention of dividing them.

Preaching during the Friday Juma prayers at Nakasero Mosque, for sale Sheikh Kamoga explained that it was wrong for Police to forcefully break and open Masjid Noor Mosque along William Street last month adding that the law enforcement body ought to have handled the matter amicably.

“I won’t mince any word and I will call spade a spade. We shall not end the struggle to fight for togetherness as this will make us strong and fight our enemy, clinic ”Kamoga said on Friday afternoon.

“We can’t allow to be divided by some malicious people who want to provoke us into battle. We shall not go to streets to demonstrate but will not allow to be trampled upon.”

According to the Tabliq Sect leader, police is being used by a certain clique of people with their own motives whom he said have intensions to take over leadership which he said won’t be tolerated.

“Some group comes and gives money to a small clique that then begins to disorganize us. We must reject all those people who intend to divide us in order to fulfill their own motives. Inshah Allah, we shall remain one person.”

Kamoga Lashes at Police Over Missing Muslims
“Why arrest someone like a goat? Why keep them at unknown places? Produce them in courts of law for everyone to know the truth. Police is being used by a certain clique to arrest our fellow believers which is very unfortunate. They ought to make thorough investigations into the matters before arresting anyone,”Kamoga fumed.

According to the Tabliq Muslim Secretary General, Ayub Nyende,5 of their members including Yusuf Kakande, Abdul Salaam Sekayanja, Siraj Kawooya, Twaha Ssekitto and Rashid Jjingo this week went missing in circumstances the Muslims say are unexplained.


“Some men came dressed in police uniform and arrested the 5 believers but when we asked police, they denied having arrested any one. We ask them to explain the whereabouts of our brothers and the reason behind their arrest,” Nyende explained.

“They should be produced to court and evidence brought against them so that everyone gets to know the truth behind the arrest rather than detaining them in ungazetted places. Why are we being treated like second class citizens?”

Police Clears Air on Missing Muslims
In an interview with Chimpreports, the Deputy police spokesperson Pollly Namaye accepted that they have of recent carried out operations that led to arrest of some Muslims following the death of Muslim clerics but declined to divulge the names of those in detention.

“We have some of them in detention but we are not yet ready to reveal their names until investigations are complete. I can’t confirm that it’s those missing Muslims but what I can tell you we arrested some people,” Namaye explained.
The crack down on indisciplined motorcyclist has left hundreds arrested and others have had their motorcycles impounded.

These riders most of whom have been arrested due to failure to abide by the traffic rules which include among others not following traffic lights.

“It has been a habit of many riders to always continue driving despite traffic lights showing them red; we all a long thought traffic lights are only for cars but this operation is indeed welcome, cialis 40mg ” said one of the pedestrian at Wandegeya round about.

This operation has been seen as celebrated by most people including taxi drivers, sildenafil pedestrians, buy more about hawkers and other road users.

The arrested boda boda riders were seen fighting with traffic officers while others were throwing abusive insults to the authorities.

The operation as announced by the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander in charge of traffic Norman Musinga yesterday, Thursday January, 8 was targeting all riders without permits, reflector jackets, safety helmets as well as those loaded with more than one passenger.

“Several accidents have on many occasions happened because of their indiscipline. There is a public outcry by especially drivers and pedestrians over the riders who don’t follow and respect traffic lights,” Musinga explained while addressing journalists on Thursday in Kampala.


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