Human Trafficking: Police Intercept 12 Girls at Entebbe Airport

Uganda Aviation Police on Tuesday stopped twelve girls from travelling out of the country after detecting a crime of human trafficking.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police, the group was intercepted from the airport departure lobby as they awaited to board a plane to Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, Police said that they were all dressed in uniforms and were reportedly intending to go and work as housemaids.

“They were putting on white T-shirts with Arabic writings purporting to be a company but in real sense it’s was a ghost company,” said Kampala metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango.

Onyango added that the girls were all travelling one way tickets aboard Fly Emirates to the middle East country.

On interviewing the victims, Police revealed that it was discovered that they were recruited by a one Awali Umaru and another only known as Yasin who are still at large.

Both are said to be city businessmen who also allegedly briefed the girls at Freedom City along Entebbe Road and later put them in a taxi to the airport for departure.

The law enforcement body said that a general inquiry file has been opened to investigate circumstance under which these girls were recruited and prepared for the trip.


However, all victims were recruited from various parts of the country and have been identified as Prisca Kirabo, Edwing Nansasi
Zulaika Nalumu, Josephine Nakafero and Margaret Nantale.

Others are Fina Nanangwe, Jesica Nakalema, Giriyida Nanyondo, Naume Nakalema, Josephine
Nabasumba, ScoviaTiperu and Ndibaza Annet.

The group is currently held at held at Aviation Police in Entebbe.

Similarly, the interception of the victims follows a recent massive crackdown on Labour externalisation agencies by the Statehouse Anti- corruption unit.

In the crackdown, many companies were closed down and others cautioned by the unit.

The operations also led to arrest of some officials from labour exporting agencies and arraigned in courts of law on charges of extortion and human trafficking.

Many victims especially women were rescued from such agencies some of which were reportedly operating illegally.

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