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Human Sacrifice: Perpetrators Face Death Penalty

A section of Members of Parliament have drafted a new law that seeks to prosecute people found involved in acts of ritual sacrifice.

Mr Bernard Atiku, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Children, says they have drafted the Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice and Harmful Practices, Bill, 2017, and sent it for discussion by the Legal Affairs committee.

He said the Bill provides for death as a maximum punishment for those people convicted for perpetrating acts of ritual sacrifice and other acts is a move to fight cruelty inflicted on youngsters.

“We have concluded consultations with stakeholders in and out of the country especially those families who have experienced this vice. The draft has been sent to the legal affairs committee for scrutiny,” said Atiku, who is  also the Ayivu County MP in Arua District.

He was speaking at the Memorial Day for the ritual murder of a six year old Silvia Suubi who was killed and her body mutilated by her family neighbor in 2013.

The legislators who were linked to the family during consultations by child rights organization; Kyampisi Childcare Ministries KCM) also donated two in-calves family in Butuntumula Sub County, Luwero District.

According to Mr Atiku, the donation was meant to support the family to recover from loses they incurred while pursuing for justice against their tormentor, Expedito Kisekwa.

KCM Chief Executive Officer Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga was optimistic that the proposed law would deter people from involving in cruel activities which claims hundreds of lives every year.


“People need to know that no wealth can be attained by way of applying human body parts. And with this bill, once enacted into law, it will be force to fight and stop people from engaging in these criminal acts,” said Pr Sewakiryanga, adding that crimes of human sacrifice instill fear and distress among those affected.

He explained that lack of appropriate laws has frustrated delivery of justice to the affected families, a situation which has led many cases to stall.

Mityana Woman MP, Ms Judith Nabakooba describing Luwero as a liberation area for the country said that there is need for vigilance among parents and communities to get rid of the vice.

“Any issue affecting children, we need to come together against abusers. I want to warn those involved in questionable witchcraft that your days are numbered,” she said.

This proposed legislation is designed to fill the gaps in the provisions of other laws in Uganda like The Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act (2009) and The Witchcraft Act (1957).


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