Human Rights Defendants Push for Better Working Environment

Organizations working in line with promoting people’s rights through their umbrella body of National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD) have called upon various stakeholders in the country to stop treating them as enemies.

Addressing the press at their quarterly press briefing, Robert Kirenga the Executive Director NCHRD Uganda, said members of this organization are frequently attacked by both state and non-state actors who misinterpret their roles and duties.

He said in the course of their duties they have continued to face a number of challenges which include office break-ins without conclusive investigations, abuse of freedom of the press and clamping down of their public meetings

“In our report released in December 2018 entitled ‘Until an NGO Serving You Is Targeted’ we highlighted the continued break ins into NGO offices,” he said.

Kirenga revealed that currently 35 offices since 2012 have been broken into by unknown assailants but Police has not yet released any conclusive report about any of the attacks

Various human rights defenders who attended the press briefing vowed to continue using all the legal avenues available to ensure that they bring to end the acts of human rights violation.

Human rights defenders being on organizational or personal basis derive their mandate from Article 38 of the 1995 Constitution which grants every citizen a right to participate in peaceful activities to influence policies of government through civic organization.

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