Human Rights Commission Demands Explanation of Kaweesi Murder Suspects’ Arrest

Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), have sternly condemned the manner in which four people accused of murdering  former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi were brutally rearrested after being released on Tuesday.

The Acting UHRC chairperson Medi Mulumba told press this morning that the police coming out to deny involvement in the arrest was simply not enough, when in fact media footage showed a traffic police officer helping agents in plain cloths arrest one of the suspects Ahmed Senfuka.

“We want police to come and explain clearly why their officer participated in helping the criminals to arrest people who had just been released by court,” Mulumba said.

Mulumba added that on top of carrying out brutal arrests, these armed and un-uniformed men never identified themselves, didn’t inform the suspects the reasons for the arrest or produce any valid warrant of arrest.

“These security operatives violated Article 24 of the constitution which protects all Ugandans from inhuman and degrading treatment.”

Mulumba further tasked government to come up and publicly punish the people who were involved in this act.

“All people under the law are deem innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law. These people should be given chance to meet their lawyers, doctors and relatives”

He further promised the public that they have the capacity to punish all people found guilty of violation of Human Rights


“We are not barking dogs that don’t bite; very soon we are going to prove to the public that we are capable of punishing all violators of Human Rights in the country”


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