How to Utilize Your Backyard Space


The backyard, just like the name suggests, is always off people’s sight.

People tend to give their backyards a blind eye and concentrate on beautifying the front of the homestead alone.

But just like any other space, this area can be put into use in so many ways. This will leave your home with complete comfort this extra space will be put to good use for essential activities.

Among these may be putting a flower garden, vegetable garden, children’s play area among others.

Vegetable or fruit garden

Ritah Masika, a florist, says you can decide to add a vegetable garden in the back yard of your house.

This will give you the beauty and reduce the cost of buying vegetables in a home or even earn you some money through selling the produce.


You can plant vegetables like dodo, cabbages, tomatoes, egg plants, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms among others.

“You can either dig a simple garden and plant the vegetables there or put your empty bottles and tins to use by planting the vegetables there.

To get best results, you need to make sure your soil is good and if it’s not, consider adding some manure to make it productive,” she adds.

On the fruit garden, you can add fruits like lemons, apples, watermelon, and pawpaw’s among others.

She also says that lemon trees will be very good because they act as mosquito repellents.

A flower garden

Boniface Wanja of Bonre Consultancy Parlour, says that you can decide to extend your art in the backyard as well

“Flowers create beauty everywhere so choosing to do flowers in your garden would be the best option.

You can decide to put the flowers in tins or even create a garden. It’s not advisable to put big trees in the back yard because they will damage the house.

You can decide however, to add one or two simple tress to complement the flowers,” he says.

Masika says that the best flowers would be those that don’t grow in the wild.

This is because the wild ones may call for dangerous insects and animals which wouldn’t love to have near your residence.

Resting Corner

Simple shelter structures would be another option for the back yard to make it a resting place.

This would depend on how big your back yard is. Normally, it has less noise so adding a chair and table would be of great use.

Consider adding a gazebo or a simple tree for a shade and it’s here that your chairs and tables will work best.

Children’s play area

This will help you reduce the ‘jam’ in the main compound hence leaving it clean all the time.

You can add kids’ playing materials like tight ropes, tyre strings, bottles and sand for playing.

Make an out door kitchen

An outdoor kitchen would be a good choice for the backyard; this adds comfort and leisure cooking from outside.

You can decide to make a local kitchen that uses just wood and stone or logs or even a modern kitchen for grills and mini campfires.

Mini gym

Why not have mini gym equipment in your backyard and do your fitness routine at home? The best option would be use of simple machines which are not affected by the outdoor weather conditions.

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