How To Treat, Get Rid Of Bad Breathe

Bad breathe can be very irritating to the people around you and sometimes embarrassing to you since it’s a sign that you don’t give your oral hygiene attention.

Julius Kusemererwa a medical doctor says that most people with bad breathes don’t know they do, so it’s important you ask your close friends and or people at home to tell you whether you have it or not.

Causes of bad breathes

Poor oral hygiene

Kusemererwa notes that not taking care of your mouth could be the main reason it smells. It’s important that you brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal. And while doing that, take 5-10 minutes brushing to make sure there are no food particles left. Give much attention to your jaws as they harbor food particles which cause bad breathes.

He adds that the tongue in most cases is neglected when one is brushing yet is the center of all the chewing. One should therefore give much attention to it. The best way to clean the tongue is by using back and forth method.

Sores in the mouth

Sores in the mouth caused by bacteria could also cause your mouth to smell, Gorret Betty Mbabazi a nurse notes that it’s important to treat any kind of sore detected in the mouth. However tooth decay or gum diseases could also cause a bad breathe.


Food we eat

Besides the food particles that remain in our teeth when we don’t brush well, foods such as garlic, onions, and some spices could affect our breathe, Kusemererwa notes that its equally important to brush your teeth thoroughly well after eating such foods because they can be very irritating to the people we sit next to.

 How to treat a bad breathe

Mbabazi notes that you should drink a lot of water as it keeps your mouth moisturized and my wash off the food particles.

“Sometimes we have a bad breathe because the mouth is dry which invites bacteria that blend with the food and makes it smell,” she adds.

Brush well

Not knowing how to brush your teeth leaves food particles in your mouth especially the gums and tongue. Use enough tooth paste and brush using up and down strokes on the jaws and front and back on the tongue to make sure all the food particles are removed.

Your brush should be in good shape to remove all the particles.

Keep your materials clean

Kusemererwa notes that you should keep your tooth brush and tooth paste clean and in a clean place. Wash them thoroughly well after brushing probably with warm water to kill germs, then put the brush in a safe place with bristles facing up so that they can dry.

“Using a dirty tooth brush will do more harm as they carry the germs to your mouth. You should also replace your tooth brush after every two months,” Mbabazi adds.

 When to see the doctor according to Kusemererwa

In case your gums bleed when you brush, you need to see a doctor.

When your gums swell or you get sores in your mouth.

When your teeth pain on taking hot or cold things.

When you get pain on eating food like meat and when your teeth decay.



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