How To Travel And Eat Like A Local While In Uganda

A huge part of the travel experience is getting to know local traditions, history and culture. Luckily you can get in touch with all three aspects of a national identity just by eating.


Travelers, you should endeavor to eat like a local; that way you will not only see destinations but unexpected experiences with different types of foods that often become a highlight of your trip in Uganda.


As a bonus, these local food places are often cheaper than the overpriced popular restaurants frequented by travelers.


Uganda has a lot of interesting and very diverse dishes unique to their regions. Some of the local cuisines you should not miss are Luwombo a traditional Baganda dish. G.nut stew and Katogo 




Below is a guide on how a traveler can eat like a local in Uganda;


Make food Research about Uganda

Travelers should endeavor to make research about the different types of local foods in Uganda and also the local hangouts they would get the food from.


Visit the local food websites like for example Uganda food guide, this will enable a traveler to have an idea of what to expect and hey be sure to get a whole more exciting experience ahead.


Don’t blindly trust online reviews


As a tourist new to Uganda l advise that you don’t trust all the reviews you may find on different hotels and restaurant meals that you may come across.


This is because most reviews may not be genuine, others may be paid for, so you have to be keen on what you read .


What l do is if l check the review of a person about the place l go back and check if he or she has made more reviews and if l find that it’s a one off l will most likely believe that one.


When it comes to festive seasons, they are trickier since most hotels, restaurants and eat outs promote discussions and reviews.


You could also refer to old reviews for instance if your visiting in August check out the reviews in February and March.


Don’t shy away from street food


To many, this is a very big risk but trust me for some foods you will need to try out street food. For example if you want to try out the famous Ugandan Rolex with Nyanya Mbisi {raw tomato’s} I would highly recommend you to taste the one from the street.


Other snacks you can try out on the streets are Ensenene {Grass hoppers} — a delicacy to many natives — and who knows you may like them.


You still need to get cautious about the hygiene.

Ask the right locals


The fact that you’re a tourist and one can easily tell that your new in the Pearl, natives may want to take advantage of that fact.


So keep an eye open; look out for someone who looks trust worthy like a tour guide, travel blogger and authorities like the Uganda Tourism Board officials. They will always show you to the best places.


Time your visit


Always endeavor to come around the most favorable time of the year.


You could come to catch some of Uganda’s well known exciting festivals like Rolex festival, Ekyooto International cultural festival, fish festival, ice cream and cake festival and many others.


The festivals will give you an opportunity to check out many local meals in one place hence giving you an exciting view of Ugandans through food.










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