How to Thrive as a Freelance Worker


A freelancer is a person who is self employed and is hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

Freelance workers can be writers, designers, performers, accountants among others selling work or services by the hour or day depending on the agreed terms rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

A freelancer has the liberty to work at their convenient time and also determine what they can earn depending on their output. Here is how to succeed as a freelance worker.

Work twice hard

To have the best results at free lancing, Dorothy Nabatanzi, the director Rota Tech limited Luzira notes that you need to work extra hard because you are paid by your input. The more you produce the more you will earn.

“Focus on numbers, as full-time workers labour to see their assigned tasks done, you should labour to finish as many tasks as possible because you are paid according to numbers,” she adds.

Be creative


Mbarak Mugerwa, a freelance journalist, notes that every freelance worker has to have a unique way of doing things that will persuade your employers to see that your services are needed and relevant to the company.

This should begin from your form of delivery and how best your input is packaged. You should do your things in a unique way that someone finds it hard to reject your services.

“You should also have a personal identity to be successful. Choose an area that you think you can do best in and concentrate on that. Learn the best ways to have your work delivered and, in a way, you will be building your brand,” he says.

Get a mentor

He adds that you need to get someone to guide you in that specific field. This could be a friend who has been in the filed for some time or your boss. Your mentor will help you grow, learn and develop in that particular field.

Team work is key

Eunice Karungi, a freelance journalist, says one can never succeed single handedly therefore working along a team could be a great idea.

“Get people you can discuss with as to how you can better yourselves. Team work could also help you improve, learn and grow your skills in the particular field,” says Eunice.

Be friendly

You need to be friendly to your fellow employees and practice a high level of humanity. This will help you know what’s going on at your work place and also keep you up dated. On top of being friendly you should network with people in the field so that you grow your work connections.

“While in the field you should know that every person you meet is very important, talk to them nicely and keep in contact,” Nabatanzi adds.

Be disciplined

Karungi adds that discipline is key in any aspect of life and therefore to be a successful freelancer, you must exhibit the highest level of discipline to everyone.

Respect all the rules and regulations and put to action all that is required of you as an employee.

Master the terms of your contract

A contract is what bides you with your employer so you have to be well versed with the concepts it entails. Read through it a couple of times and ask for clarity where you don’t understand. In case it forbids you to do certain things go by it.

“Some companies don’t like their employees working for their competitors and other companies that do a similar service, so you will need to avoid such things to remain relevant at work.

Other things you should look at is mode of payment, work schedule among others,” Herbert Zaake, human resource consultant adds.


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