How To Look Glam on Valentine’s Day With Little Effort

It is hard to believe that we are almost cruising through February. The most loved day of the year, Valentine’s Day is almost here and like it or not, you cannot escape the whiff of romance in the air. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, do you really give any thought to what to wear? Though this special day is not always on everybody’s agenda, for those who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are a few suggestions of what to wear to look good; whether you are planning a casual date or a formal night out.

Date make up:  it’s no secret that putting on a sexy red lip or sultry cat-eye makes women feel confident and powerful. So, why not try an empowering look on the one day a year: You’re doing it for yourself — not the person sitting across from you at the table.


You can’t go wrong with nude lips too. The nude lip is having a major moment right now! It is the most versatile shade that flatters every skin tone. And since there are many skin tones, there isn’t one nude lipstick that is fit-for-all complexions. And that’s when the right shade matters. Whether it’s matte, glossy, or rosy,try to look for what suites you.

Lunch date: Would you be going out for a nice lunch or just go out to have a good time with friends? Why not try a nicely-cut pencil skirt or pants, which is always a winner. Slip on a nice shirt dress and update the look with platform heels and complement this with a handy handbag or small purse.

There should be no extremely high heels for lunch or daytime event, possibly you may do a lot of walking (shopping, strolling arms in arms and so on) and, therefore, avoid wearing high heels, so that you can go casual for daytime events with your special ones. Dress up and be a bit on the glamorous side for a dinner or night out.


Evening date: Stay stylish and stand out on Valentine’s night with a striking cocktail dress with a touch of red or pink, and keep everything else simple. Now one thing that is very important to note before buying a dress for Valentine’s Day is whether it’s a daytime event or an evening event.

Since time immemorial, red dresses have always been deemed as perfect Valentine’s Day dresses. Hot red, pink or fuchsia (soft) pink drape tops with jeans, trousers will look great for casuals. ladies, ensure that you are comfortable.

You can also wear a super-cute dress in pastel shades or white. Put on dewy make up with pink lips and casually tousled hair, you do not want to make it look like you have put in a lot of effort. Finish off the look with a cute bag and matching pumps. Do not forget to carry a cardigan or shrug if it gets too cold at night.

Guys can combine a nice top with a pair of bandless pants, knock-off with blazers. Or a blazer jacket with a shirt or tank top Jeans is indispensable to any man. The perfect hue for an evening date is black. It’s the most versatile colour,so take note!!!!

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