How to Handle a Difficult Maid without Risking your Children’s Lives

“I am becoming increasingly concerned by my housemaid’s outbursts of anger, she has a very short fuse and very few coping strategies,” Becky, a 26-year old campus student narrates.

“When something goes wrong like a jar not opening first time, she is prone to rage, usually clenching fists, shouting and cursing and occasionally banging or throwing things.”

“The anger is usually directed at the nearest person, regardless of whether that person has caused the issue or not,” says Becky.

“What bothers me most; she doesn’t control her anger even when my daughter is close to her.”

Becky’s issue is one of the million hurdles people, (especially women) go through while dealing with housemaids.

From a gossip queen, a dirty Mary to a big headed Felicia; maids can be a pain in the eye.

Even with the ever-multiplying number of day-care centers, it’s inevitable for one, especially a working woman, to hire services of a house help.

“Molly [my house help] is a like a snake in green grass; whenever she is pissed, my son usually pays the price,” narrates Christine—a working mother.


If there’s any person you should never risk having pissed, it’s your house help who spends over 12 hours with your child.

How do you handle a complicated house help without endangering your children’s lives?

Treat her right: Maids are not animals or washing machines. Never you should you assume that she is happy or not tired.

Ensure that your behavior and treatment make her feel more of a family member than an employee.

Check on her as much as you do for your child to be sure that there’s nothing troubling her.

Do not, at any point in life, dare to create different meals for your family from hers. By so doing, the rage in her will be hatching, putting your children at a very great risk.

Personally talk to her: Whether you have counselling skills or not, a little chat with your maid can easily change things around.

Don’t always bark at her when asking for your fat-cutting green juice. Ask her if she has had any problems in the recent past that you could handle.

Consider Therapy: It can be a challenging time when you have a very committed maid with anger issues.

Firing her seems like the last of your resolutions. What do you do then?

Silently hire a skilled person, preferably a therapist, to talk to her.

Professional therapists can easily unearth dark pasts than you ever could.

However, when taking such a step, don’t make your maid feel like she’s been checked into Butabika.

If possible hire a mobile therapist. It’s cheaper than treating your child when that maid goes haywire.

Cut the restrictions: Why would you deny a maid chance to see Martin, her boda boda lover yet you cannot personally go two days without fulfilling nature’s call?

For a smooth relationship with a maid, you don’t need to treat her like a prisoner.  Let her have some personal time quite often.

However, ensure that this freedom is not overboard. You definitely don’t want to be welcomed home by dirty, smelly dishes from last night.

Not limited to the above, it’s possible to have a good working relationship with that stubborn maid.

If her behaviors persist however, do not hesitate to look for a replacement. There are many good, unemployed souls out there waiting to jump on any opportunity.

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