How to Elegantly Slay During Ramadhan

Who says you cannot slay while fasting? You can be both stylish and religious.

Due to the evolving fashion trends, one can appear so fabulous as if she is not even fasting!

The creator himself (Allah) discourages those fasting from looking pale and miserable.

Most ladies feel the only way to turn heads is by exposing some bit flesh. That’s wrong!

Muslim ‘slay queens’ sometimes feel like the fasting period is raining on their parade but it is possible to stay stunning during the fasting period, without offending anyone.

Forget the ancient way of wearing over-sized hijabs with a ‘leesu’ for a veil. That’s so old school, leave it to the museum people.

The following fashion styles for Muslims make it seem like decent is the new normal!

Exposing Jeans under a dress


Unlike back in the day when ladies used to wear trousers in a hijab as an undergarment, today it is fashionable to show them

You can choose to just wear a long blouse over the trousers or a dress that is split in front, to show off the jeans.

This, you need to believe, is so stylish.

Body hugging long skirt

If you feel not comfortable with trousers don’t force it. A body hugging skirt can also flatter your body.

Wear a hijab with double slits over a long tight skirt then tie the front part of the hijab.

This will give you a ‘slay queens’ look to die for. Do not forget the veil.

Overflowing dress

It is classy for a lady to sometimes leave people guessing what is really beneath those clothes.

A woman can look magnificent without donning clothes that leave nothing to the imagination.

This Ramadan, try putting on dresses that are trendy and free. Make sure to accessorize well.

The long body hugging dress

These can never go out of season before, during and after fasting one can still pull them off.

Try one with a long throw-on shirt that is, preferably, sleeveless. A long coat also serves well.

However one has to be conscious of the colors and how to match them; from the veil, coat, dress and shoes.

The free skirt and tight blouse

For those with a well-endowed chest, this look works perfectly.

Choose a long free skirt that is stylish, preferably, with a bright color and match it with a tight top.

Add a belt that is the same color as the top and see the magic.

Remember to choose colors that tally with the veil to be able to pull off all these looks.

There you go ladies, go slay.

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